Leopard Print Velvet Thong

What is Velvet Serpent?

Hi, My name is Phoebs, I'm the founder of Velvet Serpent. 

For the longest time, I've dreamt of having a lingerie brand but never really thought of it as something I could actually achieve. 

During the pandemic, I was furloughed so I began learning how to sew. I started off making thongs and bodysuits for myself. I sold a few pieces on Etsy but I just didn't have the time to sew alongside my day job once the pandemic ended. 

A few years have passed since then but I have FINALLY found a manufacturer, raised some funds, and have some samples in the works baby! Velvet Serpent is getting launched fo' real! This is a self-funded project so I'm starting super small - just one product in a few different fabrics. 

We're bringing those iconic 80s french knickers back! But... we're not just remaking them. We're giving them a slutty thong makeover obvs... we're also planning to make them in velvet and faux leather as well as the classic satin. What d'ya think? 

These aren't gonna be everyday panties, these are panties for taking hot pics and getting laid. what a motto. Sorry mum.

I can't wait to launch this brand, it honestly feels like a dream come true and we've barely even started yet. Thanks so much for your support. 



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