Our first sample has arrived!

Our first sample has arrived!

But wait! This isn't what the final product will look like! 

So.. this is the initial sample from my manufacturer. This sample is made with a cheap in-house fabric, for the purpose of assessing the fit and feel of the garment. 

I was really happy with the fit of these pants so we're on to the next step.. fabric sourcing! This week, Helaina and I went to a fabric souring showroom in search of fabrics. I found some really cool faux leathers and vinyl, but i'm still on the look out for the perfect leopard print silk. 

Once i've decided on the fabrics that will be used in the final product, the pants will get sampled again in every size. 

I'll be looking for an army of gals to test these for me so if you're interested send me a dm on insta with your waist measurement in inches :) 

Thanks for reading! 


Velvet Serpent xox

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